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Rick PaoneRick Paone has been a Certified Court Reporter since 1978, handling all matters of civil litigation including Construction Defect, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Environmental, Contractual and Matrimonial.

He is an active member of the Certified Court Reporters Association of NJ, serving as President from 2006-2008, as well as Education Chairman and Freelance Chairman. He is currently a Member of the CCRA-NJ Legislative Committee and has worked on a number of Bills before the Senate and Assembly affecting court reporting in New Jersey.

As most court reporting agencies offer many like services, he formed Paone & Associates with an eye towards distinguishing itself with the level of service provided – including a hands-on approach and personal interaction with clients and their staff to make the deposition process run efficiently and smoothly.

Paone & Associates has been referred to by attorneys, support staff, and competitors as a “Boutique Agency” that caters to the clients’ needs at a level that faceless “national” agencies cannot.

Our reputation is one of doing far more for the client than simply having a court reporter show up at a deposition, and we pride ourselves on doing the “little” things right that make a difference – whether it’s helping the Legal Support Staff get a last-minute foreign-language interpreter to assisting clients in setting up their databank of electronic transcripts, to supplying transcript access for Claims Adjusters and Experts so the law firms do not have to make copies and forward them.

Our “Witness Databank” has proven enormously helpful to our clients, as they are able to find other cases that a particular witness may have testified contrary to their current position.

Above and beyond...
Some years ago, a law firm we’d never met brought us a dilemma, and explained that they’d heard about our reputation for getting things done that others cannot.

The attorney needed to depose a witness who did not speak English – in fact, did not speak at all. The witness was deaf, mute, and only knew Sign Language in Hebrew. We were able to solve the issue by contacting the United Nations and flying in from Israel a Rabbi who could translate sign language from English to Hebrew. That law firm has been a client ever since.

That's what we do.
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