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The following links may be of interest to attorneys, court reporters, and legal support staff.


  • Help In Finding An Out-of-State Court Reporter: – This free site will assist you in finding  a court reporter in any state. 
  • Legal Software: – A large supplier of legal software programs.  You may access their free E-Transcript viewer here.

  • Legal Videography: – Video Services for the NJ Legal community.  More than 30 years experience.

  • Language Translation:                               – Ambassador Language Interpreting.  Certified Translators in all languages.

  • Video Teleconferencing: – International Audio & Video.  World-wide Video Teleconferencing services, conference rooms, network of providers.


  • Certified Court Reporters Association: – Official Website for information on current events, Continuing Education Seminars, frequently asked questions.

  • National Court Reporters Association: – Official Website of the NCRA. 

  • State Board of Court Reporting: – NJ Website for Court Reporting licensure, regulations, members, and testing requirements.

  • New Jersey Legislature: – Find and contact your representatives.

  • New Jersey Law Network: – Excellent source of information for civil and criminal practice in NJ.

  • Dictionaries:  The following websites offer quick and easy help for court reporters searching for spelling and meaning of words:
Word Dictionary:
Above and beyond...
A plaintiff’s attorney called with the following request. Defense counsel’s expert was going to conduct a high-voltage electrical experiment designed to recreate the circumstances that lead to the happening of the subject accident and prove that his client had no liability.

The attorney not only wanted to videotape the expert performing this experiment, but wanted us to keep a verbatim record of the experiment as it happened and furnish a transcript.

The only problem was that the experiment had to be conducted outdoors -- in a parking lot -- with 18-wheel tractor trailers passing close by. Not conducive for a videographer to do his best work – and impossible for a court reporter.

We rented a van for the event, and spent the weekend before the event retrofitting the interior so that the videorapher could operate from within the van. We removed the back seats to create space for the court reporter to sit and listen through headphones. All the participants were outfitted with wireless microphones and the experiment was conducted without a hitch. Except for the expert, whose experiment went awry and proved the plaintiff’s attorney’s case for him.

That's what we do.
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