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Reporters REPORTERS: All reporters we send are NJ Certified Court Reporters. Many agencies utilize the services of Non-Certified reporters, many of whom are students or simply reporters who could not pass the State Certification exam.
Videography VIDEOGRAPHY: Our Legal Video Department provides clients with every major format, including Standard Videotape, Digital Tape, Standard DVD and High-Definition. We can Sync the Video to the Transcript, so that a particular portion of testimony can be easily accessed for a jury. In addition to the Videotaping of a deposition, we supply “Day-In-The-Life” videos, Accident Reconstruction, and Photography.
Nationwide Coverage NATIONWIDE COVERAGE: Through our network of participating Court Reporters, we are able to assist clients when they need to travel out-of-state for depositions by setting up a reporter and location anywhere in the country.
Video Conferencing VIDEO TELECONFERENCING: For those clients who need to depose an out-of-state witness but are not traveling, we set up a Video Teleconference between our locale here in NJ and wherever the Witness resides.
Language Interpreters LANGUAGE INTERPRETERS: We supply Certified Language Interpreters in any dialect, including Sign Language; even assisting in the translation of written documents into English.
Audio Recordings AUDIO RECORDINGS: Our Audio Department transcribes recordings made from Court Hearings, 911 Calls, Telephone conversations, even Voicemail messages that can be critical to a litigated matter.
Above and beyond...
Paone & Associates was the first court reporting agency in NJ to furnish its clients a transcript repository and searchable witness databank, long before other agencies bought turnkey systems developed by outside companies.

Among its many search capabilities, our system allows us to pull up the name of a witness to see if we have ever taken their deposition before. A service that proved invaluable to one client.

Recently, one of our clients took the deposition of a plaintiff where she testified that she’d never been in an accident before the subject lawsuit, nor had she ever been injured or made any prior claims. The attorney felt the witness was being less than forthright but had no hard evidence to prove it. On a hunch, he asked our reporter during a break to show him how our website worked.

She showed him how to run a search of the plaintiff’s name in our repository. Within less than a minute, he was able to find an electronic version of a deposition of the same plaintiff from a decade before. Same injuries, same claims.

Our client was able to utilize the older transcript to impeach her testimony and end the case.

That's what we do.
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